A close examination of the solutions recommended by Go Biz IT shows that they are very affordable, and much more practical for small to medium businesses (SMB) when compared to other competing solutions. In terms of costs – Zoho CRM price is the most competitive in the market, and in addition it is fast and easy to implement. Customer Relationships Management in Zoho CRM has never been easier!

   Business Focus – Zoho CRM Zoho lets you concentrate on increasing your business, not managing your infrastructure and software. A web browser is all you need to access your business application. This eliminates the need for installing and maintaining costly infrastructure. It also saves you the trouble of running software on PCs. Instead of wasting time on installations, patches and updates, you can focus on your real work.

   Cost savings and upgrade costs Because Zoho applications are accessible to you as a SAAS (Software as a service), you do not need to worry about its maintenance. You are always on the latest version without having to purchase upgrades time after time. No need to hire system administrators or to upgrade your CRM server – we are doing all of this seamlessly for you! Your IT staff can execute the projects which directly affect your business.

   Security – ZOHO CRM Does your business have a full-time 24x7x365 security team? Are your servers protected by bullet resistant walls and biometric access? Is your site being monitored by security system? Do you clones and backs up your data sequentially? Are there many levels of Fire Wall System protecting your data traffic? Is your data center is designed to deal with multiple failures? Zoho makes it all, With Zoho your data more secure![more…]

   Innovation and Agility! Zoho is recognized as one of the most innovative business application software developer. It means that Zoho continually develop better ways for you to do your business. Zoho focus on customer commitment and superior products is reflected in the many awards won by Zoho, including: 25 most innovative products of the year by PC World, and the 100 best sites a
not yet discovered by PC Magazine.[more…]

 End to end applications suite The Zoho applications family is a set of powerful and robust applications. It is deployed across a variety of disciplines and requirements that can help your business with a wide range of enterprise solutions for Web-Based SAAS model. All Zoho applications work together, but can also be used separately. By using Zoho you have access to more than 20 different business applications available under SSO (Single Sign On) – Think about this idea!

Service – CRM Service 
Zoho is particularly proud of its excellent products and the attention it gives to its customers, so that you can influence improvements which will be implemented from version to version. At Go Biz IT, as senior partner of Zoho, We have direct access to their support center and, if needed, we can help speeding up the response to your support requests. On Zoho wiki you can find answers to your questions, articles, screenshots, and much more…

   No attachment to your provider Go Biz IT want to keep you as a customer, and we will do everything in terms of products, services and support to keep you as part of the Zoho family. However, we also make it easy for you to leave. We provide various ways to export all data and information so you can transfer them somewhere else. Some vendors may hold your data ‘hostage’ until your contract expires, but this will not happen with Zoho. This is our commitment to fair business conduct.

 Excellent value for your money Zoho is committed to creating value for its clients by providing superior software applications for businesses at affordable prices. We believe that most software businesses are not only outdated and patched, yet highly overpriced. We are a proof that businesses can purchase great software… without spending a fortune! We improve our excellent products continuously to ensure they match your needs. Enjoy the first three users for free.

      No banners with Zoho CRM No commercials and ads. Not even in the free versions. It is that simple. These free versions have full functionality and no expiration date. This is a great way to get acquainted with our applications, or, if you do not need more advanced functionality, use them as regular daily working applications. In addition, we do not display our ads in applications. No annoying ads, no prerequisites; you can just focus on your business.

  ZOHO CRM is cool Yes, this too is an advantage. ZOHO CRM has a cool and easy to use appearance, which makes you want to work with it. It is not a cold and impersonal system, as it gives a good feeling to its users. While is many organization’s CRM systems users can feel harnessed to work with the system, Zoho CRM has a tremendous user acceptance rates which help you to get reliable data and reports from your CRM system.

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